Endorsement Quotes for Recall Abortion

Recall Abortion is the pro-life book of 2013!”
  Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director
Priests for Life

"Recall Abortion will no doubt enlighten all readers about the facts of truth: that choosing death is not an exercise of one's human rights to privacy and the body, but quite the reverse: a violation of one’s true physical and spiritual human nature, and worse still, the annihilation of another."
  -Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia
Pontifical Council for the Family
Vatican City
"For decades I have been working to reverse this tragic decision that was made in my name. Janet Morana’s recall effort might be the way to finally end the catastrophe of abortion. I am praying for her success."
  -Norma McCorvey
"Jane Roe" in the Roe v. Wade decision 
"In this book Janet took a risk and told the truth about abortion – Recall Abortion is a masterpiece."   
  -Mother John Marie Stewart
Disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ.
"Recall Abortion" will help put abortion right where it belongs; on a worldwide "Hall of Shame" episode and the top of the recall list."  
  -Teresa Tomeo
Syndicated Catholic Talk Show Host,
Best Selling Catholic Author
"Janet has captured the reality of abortion from the women’s perspective – a view that has been missing in the abortion debate. We discuss a woman’s right to have an abortion but, until "Recall Abortion" no one followed  up to see what impact that right has had."
  -Georgette Forney
Anglicans for Life
Co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign
"Janet Morana delves into the many reasons why abortion should indeed be recalled.  Her book enables you, the reader, to come along side Janet as she explores various aspects of so-called "reproductive choice".  In the process, she negates the arguments by pro-abortion activists.  As a long-time veteran of the pro-life movement, she’s got a lot to say."
  -Bradley Mattes
International Right to Life Federation
"I’ve known Janet Morana for a long time, and I know her to be a passionate and effective advocate for America’s unborn babies and their mothers.  I highly recommend her book as a helpful tool to counter the rhetoric of radical pro-abortion activists." 
  -J.C. Willke, MD
Life Issues Institute
"Recall Abortion makes it clear that abortion not only kills the most innocent among us, but it also hurts women, it hurts men, it hurts families and it hurts society. It has been especially devastating to African-Americans. We are proud to join Janet Morana in demanding a recall of this murderous product called abortion."
  -Dr. Alveda C. King,
African-American Outreach Director
Priests for Life
"In Recall Abortion, Janet Morana intertwines her personal experience with the powerful, riveting stories of other women and families caught in the lies and painful consequences of the "sexual revolution" of the 20th century.  Documenting the tragic effects, over decades, of abortifacients and abortions, Janet convincingly demonstrates that we neither need nor want abortion, even in the "hard cases" of rape and incest, fetal anomalies, or "life of the mother."  We can do better!"  
  -Margaret H. Hartshorn, Ph.D.
Heartbeat International
"After 40 years on the market, has abortion lived up to its promises? Recall Abortion provides a compelling case against the primary selling points for abortion."
  -Wendy Wright
Former President and CEO
Concerned Women for America
Current position: Vice President for Government Relations and
Communications for the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM)
"In Recall Abortion, Janet Morana asks, "Isn’t it time to demand a recall of abortion?" As a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, I can attest to the fact that abortion harms women and therefore can say that the answer to that question is a resounding "Yes." This book will mobilize many to say "Yes" as well."
  -Abby Brannam-Johnson