I just finished reading your book, Recall Abortion, from the moment I started, I had advised every woman I met to read it. You were able to explain to women the real industry behind abortion, how women have been lied to all these years, how manipulated they have been by presenting the killing of her own child as a right to be proud of. I would like to tell you that I have been trying to explain to everyone around me the same thing you explained but I had never had the right words nor the historical process in my hands, which now I have after reading your book. Your book has giving me the tools, strength and commitment to open the eyes of every woman and man that cross my path by recalling abortion. I don't know how to thank you for your book. - Ann

I've just finished reading the book.... It was as if Janet was inside my head saying things that I've been saying all along, but taking it to the next step with more research and facts to back it up. This book takes Lime 5 by Mark Crutcher and raises it to the next level....making it real and relevant to any place or situation in the country today. I try to convert pro-aborts with facts and figures all the time. I wish all pro-abort legislators and more would be forced to read this book to understand what lies and rationalizations they have bought into in the name of women's reproductive rights while ignoring the fact that they are supporting the killing of innocent human life. - Denise Leipold, Executive Director, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio and Life Education Fund

One word, FANTASTIC!! You covered all the issues with facts. Anyone reading this book could debate the abortion issue with ease. I was not aware of the wrongful life suit that is legal in California. I was shocked.. I liked "abortion is forever, there are no do-overs." We can use that in counseling. I learned a lot about rape and the rapist's rights. I liked all the references to back up your statements and info regarding the leaders in the pro-life movement in the back. I am recommending your book in everyone of my thank you letters to donors. I am having my education director read it and then onto Board members. I am also planning on putting it in our newsletter so all our readers will be aware of this excellent book. Sure hope you will be writing another one!! Blessings to you and all you do for His Precious little ones. - Nancy Corbett, Executive Director, Pregnancy Counseling Center, Mission Hills, CA